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Quantum Exhibit Opens April 23

Quantum Exhibit Opens April 23

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Quantum is an art of another kind. It is an installation by Jon Clark, Angus Powers and Jesse Daniels that combines glass, video and sound  resulting in a contemporary, captivating and  immersive sensory experience. Unlike traditional art forms, installation art is as much about the experience as it is about the end product, perhaps more.

Quantum is inspired by the artist’s experience of natural phenomena translated into light, sound and time.  It recalls memories of being immersed in nature with early morning sunlight and the refraction that occurs when this light hits the morning dew collected on grasses. It is a momentary experience of wonder that fills the senses.  It is this immersive experience that the artists want to convey by using the  entire gallery space: the viewer is invited to sit and take it in.

The results of an art form like this seem new, highly technological and driven by the capabilities of our time.  However, the idea of art that fills a room and involves the viewer in a total perceptual experience is not new.  Installation as an art has evolved as artists become keenly aware of their surroundings and the expanding methods available to deliver a message beyond the traditional tools of sculpture, painting and photography.

The term installation art was first used in the late 1960s to reference art that was indoors, site specific and three dimensional creating an environment for the view to experience. It is art that is conceptual, meaning, it is more about the idea the artist is trying to get across, than the reliance on a static singular finished result like a painting or sculpture.

Artists have always been at the forefront of new sociological advances and their work has always been driven by ideas, not just in an age of technology, but for centuries before, they have searched for new ways to allow viewers to gain information and tell a story that has not been told.

The artists will be in the community to bring this work to life from April 18 to April 23 and at the following events:

Member-Only Opening Reception
Saturday, April 22, 5-8pm
Artist Talks 6:00pm & 7:00pm

Public Opening Reception
Sunday, April 23, 1-4:00pm
Artist Talks 1:30pm, 2:30pm & 3:30pm

Quantum will be on view through August 20, 2017


About the Artists

Jon Clark, Professor Emeritus at Temple University, began his glass career at UW-River Falls.  For 35 years Professor Clark has dedicated himself to the highest standards for the Glass Program at Tyler and for his students. His work is well known throughout the world and is featured in museums in the United States, Japan, China, Australia, Germany, and England.

Angus Powers is Associate Professor of Glass at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University where he is Chair of Sculpture and Dimensional Studies and Glass Area Head. His work focuses on glass, light, technology, craft, and design and is in the collections of Museum of American Glass and the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft in Denmark.

Jesse Daniels is a musician and artist living in Philadelphia.  He graduated from Tyler School of Art, Temple University with a Bachelor of Fine Art with concentration in glass and worked in custom metal and glass fabrication studios for ten years.

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